Clarington’s Leash Free Dog Park

You asked for it Clarington and right now the finishing touches are being put on the 1st Leash Free Dog Park in Clarington. Located at the corner of Port Darlington Road and West Beach Road in Bowmanville, the park will be open to the public year round from dawn to dusk.

construction on fenced entrance to leash free dog park

Construction on fence surrounding Leash Free Dog Park in Bowmanville


On Friday, May 4th at 2:00 PM Mayor Adrian Foster and members of Clarington Council will officially open the park and everyone is welcome to attend.

This park has amenities which include parking, double-gated entrances, bag dispensers, litter containers, benches and tables.

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6 Responses to Clarington’s Leash Free Dog Park

  1. shawna says:

    Woo Hoo!

  2. Terri and Scott with our boys Darby and Graham says:

    Took our 2 toy fox terriers there today, and saw the amazing interaction of dogs. We live in a suburb so our backyard is not enough for them to really run and feel free. To see them in their glory – just being dogs with many other dogs – was priceless. The facilities were great – we will be returning often!

  3. Sandra Green says:

    Our puppies love the area for small dogs. They have lots of room to run and play and meet new friends.

    This is a great place!

  4. Cas says:

    Can’t wait to bring my dog here – I love the Harmony dog park but having it not fenced in makes me worry. It will be great to go out and run some training with the pup so that we can visit open parks in confidence.

    To all who bring their pooch I am excited to see you – motherly type caution: please remeber to keep your pup up-to-date on their shots :) We want this to be a fun and safe zone. See you there and happy tails :)

  5. Lisa says:

    I was so excited to take my pups there for the first time. My dogs loved playing with the other dogs//pups. Had two great visits, then it went downhill from there – I doubt I’ll ever go back.
    Had an issue with an owner and his dog (black chihuahua) – his dog decided my pup would be his target to “mount”. It went on for way too long, even after me asking this person to please get his dog away, he still wouldn’t. Kept telling me it was a “dominance thing”. Well, go dominate someone else’s pup. I tried to get his dog away and it bit at my hand AND did actually bite my shoe. I finally took my pups home after he told me to put MY pup “on a leash so it doesn’t happen.” What?!
    Then the last couple of visits I had to clean up other dogs poops so that I wouldn’t step in it, or my puppies wouldn’t eat it. I can’t believe how lazy some people can be. Bags are provided even, how difficult can it be?
    Great idea and I thank the town for putting in the dog park…….

    • Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I wanted to make sure that I spoke to the right people. I have advised the Animal Services Division about people not picking up the poop. You are encouraged to contact the shelter (905-623-7651) so they can increase regular patrols. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As for the biting incident, if you were bitten, you should report it. Our staff will want to follow up with the other owner if we are able to contact them. This information came from Anne Greentree, Municipal Deputy Clerk, and we both agree that your experience has been unfortunate and we both hope you will try again the park again.

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